This year, the Boston Bar Foundation is inviting Society of Fellows members to join our Drive for 5 Campaign to help us grow our endowment to $5 million. To achieve this important milestone, we hope to raise $400,000 by the end of 2019. A $5 million endowment will create a firm base of support for the BBF, providing increased flexibility to support programs and projects that fulfill our mission to fund and promote innovation in legal services; to enhance access to justice for the underserved; and to support the public service and pro bono work of the Boston Bar Association.

Programs funded by the BBF have benefitted tens of thousands of people throughout the Greater Boston area, but there’s more work ahead. Please consider making a meaningful re-commitment that will expand our services to assist more people in need and grow and strengthen our entire community.

With the support of the Society of Fellows, the BBF has reached tens of thousands of citizens throughout the city of Boston in countless ways. From our Law Day in the Schools program to CORI Sealing assistance. From our Summer Jobs Program to Lawyer for a Day in the Housing Court, the BBF provides legal services and assistance to those most in need, while also providing students and young adults with a stronger understanding and appreciation for the rule of law.

Bringing Help and Hope to Those in Need

In 2019 the BBF granted over $1 million to legal services organizations in Boston.

Investing in the Future of our City

This year our public service projects reached thousands of  individuals and families in our community.

Strengthening Our Profession

The work of the Boston Bar Foundation relies on a strong and engaged profession. We are proud to support programs and projects benefiting at all stages of their career and across many industries.

These important programs and services are more critical today then ever before. The Drive for 5 Campaign will ensure that the entire community remains vital, strong, and empowered by the law. Learn more about our work here.

You can join the BBF’s Drive for 5 Campaign in one of four ways:

Accelerate Your Pledge

If you are a current member of the Society of Fellows, we thank you for your support and ask that you consider expediting your payments to fulfill your pledge by 2019. Fulfilling your pledge will help us get that much closer to our goal. Curious about how much is left on your pledge? Contact

Upgrade to the Next Level

Upgrading to the next Fellows level displays an invaluable commitment to the BBF and the future of our organization. Thank you to our current Leadership and Executive Fellows. Interested in upgrading? Click here.

Become a Sustaining Fellow

If you are a Life Fellow and have already fulfilled your pledge, learn more about becoming a Sustaining Fellow. We are grateful our Sustaining Fellows who have chosen to continue making meaningful contributions to the endowment each year. If you’re interested in becoming a sustaining fellow click here.

Become a Fellow

If you are not yet a member of the Society of Fellows, we invite you to learn more about joining an exceptional group of leaders committed to giving back. To learn more visit our website or contact 617-778-1930.


To learn more about any of these ways to join the Drive for 5 campaign, please contact Erica Southerland or 617-778-1930.

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