Summer Jobs Program

The Summer Jobs Program provides Boston-area high school students with eight-week paid internships with law firms, government agencies, nonprofit legal offices, and in-house legal departments. Students experience the legal professional first-hand, observing how the law impacts the community everyday. To compliment the on-the-job experience, students also attend weekly enrichment seminars on issues such as the judicial system, civic & financial responsibility, and workplace rights & responsibilities.

In collaboration with Boston Public Schools, the City of Boston, and the Boston Private Industry Council, the Boston Bar has provided thousands of young adults with opportunities to gain valuable insight into the legal world. Many participants have gone on to high achievements in college; some have pursued law school or careers in the legal field.

In 2017, the Summer Jobs Program expanded to a record-high 65 students, including 15 students sponsored directly by the Boston Bar Foundation. In the coming years, we will continue to positively influence the future of our city by providing area youth with professional work experience. which is a collaboration of the Boston Bar Association, Boston Public Schools, City of Boston, and the Boston Private Industry Council.

Support Our Efforts

The Summer Jobs Program is one of many valuable initiatives made possible by the generous contributions made to the Boston Bar Foundation. We hope you will consider supporting the Summer Jobs program by giving to the Boston Bar Foundation. If your organization is interested in hiring a student for a Summer Job, you can content Cassandra Shavney:  617-778-1919  |