M. Ellen Carpenter Financial Literacy Program

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills a young person can learn. Unfortunately, too many high school students lack the tools necessary to make smart financial decisions. And by the time they learn the consequences of their actions, it can take years to recover.

The M. Ellen Carpenter Financial Literacy Program gives youth the opportunity to learn about their financial rights and responsibilities.

Each year, the Boston Bar Association, in partnership with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts, recruits and trains volunteers to visit classrooms across urban and suburban communities in the Commonwealth. Volunteers educate students about budgeting, using credit cards, the perils of falling into financial trouble and more. The program culminates with students going on a field trip to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to learn through mock hearings the real-life consequences of financial mismanagement.

Since its founding in 2005, the Financial Literacy Program has reached 2,100 high school students with the help of 532 volunteers. During a recent 12-month span, 105 volunteers visited seven schools and a record high of 526 students.

Support Our Efforts

The Financial Literacy Program is one of many essential initiatives that the Boston Bar Foundation makes possible. Your gift to the BBF will help us continue this valuable public service.

Learn about contributing to our annual campaign or to the Charles P. Normandin Fund, which helps sustain the Financial Literacy Program. If you have any questions about supporting the BBF, please contact Ali Carroll at or 617-778-1932.