Summer Jobs Program

  • The Boston Bar Foundation is proud to support a number of internships for students in the Summer Jobs Program. Boston Bar Foundation students selected through the program will gain valuable paid work experience at non-profit community organizations, government offices and the courts, and participate in weekly financial literacy enrichment seminars. Read about the Summer Jobs experience from the 2016 Boston Bar Foundation students.

    A donation of $3,300 can fund a summer job for a student. Join our efforts and make a contribution today. To learn more about hiring a student at your firm, please visit the Boston Bar website here.


    Over the past 21 years, the Boston Bar has introduced over 700 young adults to the legal profession. The principal program aim is to help Boston Public school students learn about the law and the legal profession through firsthand, on-the-job experience. A long-term goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in Boston's legal community. 

    Allysha Pierre, Brighton High School

    Allysha Pierre, Brighton High School

    I have learned that law is far more vast than I expected. Lately I've been working with Immigration Law, and that has opened my eyes to the broader aspects of what immigrants, such as my family, have to go through just to stay in this country.