Lawyer for the Day in the Boston Housing Court

  • Thousands of low-income people at risk of losing their homes have found relief through the Lawyer for the Day in the Boston Housing Court Program.

    Lawyers and law students in this program assist unrepresented tenants and landlords at the Boston Housing Court, which can see upwards of 200 eviction cases on a single day. Approximately 90 percent of tenants and landlords are unrepresented at the Court. Boston Bar Volunteers provide information, legal advice, mediation and even full representation in eviction proceedings to tenants and landlords. Volunteers also assist pro se landlords one day a month with filing complaints for Summary Process.

    Our impact has been significant. Since 1999, over 15,000 unrepresented landlords and tenants have been represented on eviction day - making all the difference for individuals and families who are facing the loss of their homes as well as landlords who are in need of a better understanding of their rights.

    Lawyer for the Day — a lifeline for countless people facing homelessness — is one of many essential initiatives that the Boston Bar Foundation helps make possible. Your gift to the Herbert W. Vaughan Fund will help provide necessary equipment, supplies and training to make this program possible.

    Hon. Jeffrey M. Winik

    Hon. Jeffrey M. Winik

    The Program serves as an inspiring reminder of the values that form the foundation of our legal system - fairness and equal access to justice.