Law Day in the Schools Program

  • Due process. Access to justice. These and many other concepts come to life for Boston Public School students each spring, thanks to the Law Day in the Schools Program.

    Through this program, lawyers and judges visit elementary, middle and high school classrooms throughout the city of Boston. Volunteers get the opportunity to share their passion for the law with a diverse population of Boston youth.

    This year more than 80 volunteers will visit over 50 classrooms to teach more than 1,400 students about the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona and expand upon the idea of “Miranda: More than Just Words.” In prior years, students participated in mock trials and assumed the roles of victim, the accused, law enforcement, prosecutor and defense counsel. They also engaged in thought-provoking conversations about what justice means to our community.

    Law Day in the Schools lets Boston Bar members connect young people with the law — and perhaps even inspire them to pursue a legal career. It's a wonderful way to make a substantial, long-lasting impact on the next generation.

    Mary, Mozart School, Boston

    Mary, Mozart School, Boston

    Thank you for visiting our classroom to teach us about John Adams. I learned a lot about him. I appreciate you coming even when you had work to do. Thank you for going over rules that we have to follow at school, at a store, in a car and when playing sports.