Honorary Gifts

Giving in Tribute

An honorary gift to the Boston Bar Foundation's General Fund is an ideal way to acknowledge a retiring colleague or perpetuate the memory of a departed member of our community. A tribute of this sort will help to galvanize the honoree’s influence and sustain the work they committed their lives to.

The Boston Bar Foundation maintains several special purpose memorial funds, established in honor of a particular person who has made a substantial contribution to the legal community. Contributions to the Boston Bar Foundation's General Fund will help us sustain all memorial funds.

For more information regarding our Special Funds, please contact Carolyn Mitchell |

  • M. Ellen Carpenter Fund

    M. Ellen Carpenter Fund

    The M. Ellen Carpenter Fund was established in 2007 to support BBA public service programs that focus on mentoring and creating opportunities for the enrichment of Boston's youth.

  • Edward M. Casey Fund

    Edward M. Casey Fund

    The Edward M. Casey fund was established to improve the delivery of legal services for the poor in Greater Boston.

  • The Joan B. Di Cola Fund

    The Joan B. Di Cola Fund

    The Joan B. DiCola Fund was established in 2015 to support Boston Bar Association programs and initiatives that foster the education and professional development of lawyers.
  • Chief Justice Ireland Portrait Fund

    Chief Justice Ireland Portrait Fund

    The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association and friends of Chief Justice Ireland have established the Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland Portrait Fund at the Boston Bar Foundation.
  • Austin Jones Fund

    Austin Jones Fund

    The Austin Jones Fund was established in 2009 to support summer internships for Boston Latin School students in the Summer Jobs Program.
  • Francis S. Moran Fund

    Francis S. Moran Fund

    The Francis S. Moran, Jr. Fund was established in 2002 to help support and implement the goals and objectives of the BBA's former Children and Youth Outreach Project.

  • John A. Perkins Fund

    John A. Perkins Fund

    The John A. Perkins Fund was established to aid the publication of significant books, articles and speeches relating to the institution of law or the legal profession.

  • Herbert W. Vaughan Fund

    Herbert W. Vaughan Fund

    Created to honor the attorney who helped launch the Lawyer for a Day in the Boston Housing Court Program, the Vaughan Fund supports BBA real estate related pro bono, public service and civic programs.

  • Charles P. Normandin Fund

    Charles P. Normandin Fund

    The Charles P. Normandin Fund was established in 2006 to support the Boston Bar Association's bankruptcy-related public service projects that were established by the BBA's Bankruptcy Section.