Boston Bar Foundation Annual Campaign 

For over 250 years, the Boston Bar Association has relied on the power of lawyers like you in order to make the Boston community a more just place to live.

Through the Boston Bar Foundation – the BBA’s charitable affiliate – the bar has made tremendous strides in expanding access to justice for the under served, providing unique opportunities for Boston’s students, and funding innovative and impactful public service projects in our city.   

When you give to the BBF, you help us leverage the unique knowledge, skills and abilities of lawyers to help safeguard individual rights, address important problems, provide opportunities and education for the next generation, and ensure that as a profession we continue to serve those in need..

The Power of Lawyers

Standing up for veterans, at-risk youth, victims of human trafficking and other vulnerable populations.

Assisting individuals and families at risk of losing their homes or their livelihoods.

Safeguarding the individual rights of immigrants, refugees, workers and other vulnerable populations.

Bringing resources to critical legal services organizations, helping empower them to make a life-changing difference for thousands of families, individuals and children.

Offering legal aid to veterans and military families, to help prevent homelessness, ensure access to rightful benefits, and appeal wrongful dishonorable discharges.

Collaborating with partners with deep expertise in other areas to address complex issues that go beyond the scope of the law.

Giving invaluable professional opportunities to urban teens  at law firms, government agencies, nonprofits and the courts to set them on the trajectory for long-term success.

Inspiring K-12 grade Boston Public Schools students to take an interest in the legal profession, and helping them their legal rights. 

Teaching financial literacy skills to high school students across the Commonwealth to guide them in making smart financial decisions.

Through the BBF, lawyers like you have the power to help

 us address important issues and serve those in need. 

Will you join us?